Any of the pathway series can be done alongside the Daily WOD Programming. Here are a few examples of the paths:

Welcome Series

  • We have developed this series of videos to walk you through the basics of what we do, why we do it, and how you can get the most out of the time you spend doing pliability every day! All you need to do is push play and follow along.

Skill Wod Series

  • Developed with Dusty Hyland specifically to work in conjunction with his Skill WOD program, this series has everything you need to prepare for and recover from Dusty‚Äôs gymnastics training plans. The Skill WOD is a structured three day a week program based on mastering elemental gymnastic position, developing core strength and strict pull / press progressions.

  • For the Skill Wod Series, do 3 videos a week for two weeks. When you finish the series, you can repeat if you want : ]

Open Series

  • Each week we will create a video designed to prepare you for the CrossFit Open workouts. As soon as they are announced, our team will film a routine and post it here, so check back to get your #swoleandflexy on.

Where to find the paths

1. Login to your pliability account

2. On your account dashboard, click on the road icon on the left side of the page

3. Click on any of the paths you would like to follow

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